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Miriam said:
Wednesday, 3 Feb 2016
This is great
Taina said:
Monday, 1 Feb 2016
I find your website very useful and informative
Lydia said:
Saturday, 29 Nov 2014
What a delightful collection of information. so happy to have found your pages. Thank you for your efforts.
Cheryl said:
Saturday, 6 Sep 2014
I'm absolutely thrilled that I came across this website. It has fantastic information that's useful.
Abdulla said:
Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013
Excellent infomation inthis website.kindly update me on the fashion design business
Lynette said:
Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013
A very informative site. Answers all queries and guides well. Well done.
ANGIE said:
Monday, 14 Jan 2013
Monica said:
Tuesday, 10 Jul 2012
This website has been so helpful, like a best friend. I am so passionate about fashion and art in general and are currently in the process of starting a fashion design business. Thank you because you are my new found friend, lots of missing pisses have been put together by you.
Zowie said:
Tuesday, 10 Jul 2012
Very informative!!! thanks so much!!!
Lillian said:
Saturday, 11 Feb 2012
I never knew there was a website with so much information. From the little I've seen so far, it is a great wealth of useful information and very helpful. Thanks
Funmi said:
Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012
Thanks for enlightment on fashion design.
Nandini said:
Monday, 7 Nov 2011
This site is great.. I have everything that I needed.. thanks!!
Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011
Easy step of starting a fashoin business
Carla said:
Tuesday, 3 May 2011
This is very usefull web.Thank to all team.And please keep trend.
Irene anulika said:
Thursday, 13 Jan 2011
Is soo wonderful to be part of this , am loving it
H?i Hà said:
Wednesday, 29 Dec 2010
I would like to start up a fashion business for kids in hanoi- vietnam. I learn one short course from LSCFS but I was quite disappoint, thus I tried to learn by myself. Please assist me in whatever information you might have. Thank you sincerely
Asim said:
Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010
Hello I need start is fashion business so kindly help me for this business I have experts woman designeres. thanks asim hussain
Victor said:
Friday, 22 Oct 2010
Thank you for giving md this chance
Kenny said:
Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010
Thank you for this website I believe from time to time with the help of your newsletter it will enable me to start my own business thanks
Martin said:
Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010
Great,superb,excellent.too helpful to be given as free information.keep it up
Anna Maria Yosephine said:
Saturday, 29 May 2010
I Really thank you for your information for start a fashion business Your sincerlly Amy Chandra
Alba said:
Wednesday, 19 May 2010
Thank you so much. I look forward to the articles and information.
Nicole said:
Thursday, 4 Mar 2010
Thank you for this site!
Tuesday, 2 Mar 2010
Your website is very useful...Good job.
Sohan said:
Thursday, 4 Feb 2010
This is an excellent site. It helped me lot. I am inspired.
Gida said:
Friday, 29 Jan 2010
Thanks fascinating site - ta
Trish said:
Saturday, 9 Jan 2010
Fantastic website, has been very informative is there an equivalent in Australia?
In Sook said:
Sunday, 6 Dec 2009
It is very useful site. Thanks
Angela said:
Saturday, 12 Sep 2009
It had much more than I could ever need. The site is information-packed and is the best so far. Keep up the good work!
Patricia said:
Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009
Thanks for the info its extremely helpful.
Keef said:
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009
An amazing site! spent most of my night reading it when I really should have slept, but I couldn't stop reading. no doubt I will turn to this site for help in the future! a great help! x
Monica said:
Monday, 8 Jun 2009
It was pure joy to come across this website! Having searched the web for help in starting a fashion business, and with no prior experience, this site made me feel I was not alone. The contents on this website are absolutely fantastic and prepares one for life in the fashion industry. Very much appreciated!
Hamidi said:
Sunday, 3 May 2009
This is a very informative site. Keep it going so that a lot of people will benefit from it. Thanks
Marianna said:
Sunday, 3 May 2009
Thank you for the wonderful Website. I am planning to start my own fashion business. I hope the newsletters I will be receiving from you will be as useful as the website is. Greetings Marianna.
Rizkie said:
Monday, 27 Apr 2009
Great site! Lots of interesting articles. Thank you... :)
Temitope said:
Monday, 27 Apr 2009
Thank you for starting this wed-site.
Eva said:
Saturday, 11 Apr 2009
I don´t ready yet for my bussiness but I hope that comming some maybe in one or two years later. For the moment I think that I need all information possibe. Thanks
Kelly said:
Saturday, 21 Feb 2009
Hi this is a great website for me and I love fashoin I can not wait
Aderonke said:
Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009
This siteis quite informative. but I will like to know what I need to do to start a company that is into sewing of corporate wears for ladies. I am a complete novice but I am interested in doing this
Giuseppe said:
Monday, 19 Jan 2009
I am a fashion designer from Italy. I have created a wonderful and exciting new collection.I worked with Vivian Westwood in London. I graduated in London. I have exhibited in London and Paris.
Bintou said:
Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009
Great site for a starter like myself!
Daniel said:
Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009
I will love to be a part of this forum.thanks in anticipation.
Helena said:
Wednesday, 3 Dec 2008
Good karma to you guys. A very useful site for all those interested in extending their skills into the fashion industry.
Rana said:
Wednesday, 26 Nov 2008
Great website keep it up , good work
Makena said:
Thursday, 6 Nov 2008
I think your site is very useful especially for individuals like myself who are unable to go to fashion school and are very passionate about fashion.I look forward to hearing more of what you have to share especially tips on how to start from scratch with limited capital...that would really help.Thank you.makena.
Brenda said:
Tuesday, 28 Oct 2008
I am trying to develop a new product-and need to know the process of protecting my idea first then the steps to process production. thank you
Carl said:
Thursday, 23 Oct 2008
This is a very good website it has alot of information for people starting a clothing line I am so glad I came across this website.
Anonymous said:
Friday, 19 Sep 2008
This website is great I really appreciate all of the useful information. God Bless -Ty Designs
Jay said:
Sunday, 14 Sep 2008
A very useful site!
Angelica said:
Saturday, 2 Aug 2008
I need ask many facts as you can give me..=)thank you.
Virginia said:
Monday, 28 Jul 2008
Great site of info
Gideon said:
Thursday, 19 Jun 2008
Great site! Keep it up!